Favorite Hikes: Part 1–Mendenhall Glacier

Happy Wednesday, friends! I hope everyone has had an incredible week. Today I am going to start part one of my Favorite Hiking Trips with the first of the series being Mendenhall Glacier in Juneau, Alaska.


It’s fitting that this is the first hike I discuss because Mendenhall Glacier is also the featured photo on my blog. I traveled to Juneau in May of 2017 with a friend to visit her friend from college.

We headed out relatively early for this hike, but nothing too crazy. If I remember correctly, I think it was at about 8:00 am. Once we got to the trail head, we put our backpacks on and started the hike. The trail headed towards Mendenhall Glacier was not especially difficult until we got closer to the glacier. When we were fairly close, there was a bit of climbing and some loose gravel to navigate, but nothing we couldn’t handle! One interesting thing we got to see as we got closer was markers of where the glacier used to be years ago and how far back it has receded.


Once at the glacier, we got to go inside of it and I got to do the coolest thing I have ever done in my 22 years of life—lick a glacier (sorry if that was anti-climactic. I’m not very hard to entertain apparently). The color of this glacier was absolutely beautiful and something I could never explain to anyone. Readers, if you ever have the chance to go inside of a glacier, do it with no questions asked.

After exploring this glacier/ice cave, we ate lunch on top of it and then headed back down. Once we were a decent distance away from the glacier, we decided to take a different route back to the trail head. Looking back on it now though, I don’t think this was a trail—and I probably could have died. But that’s OK!

The thing about this part of the “trail” was that it was up the side of one of the mountains, and it was also mostly loose gravel—so one wrong step could have resulted in a pretty decent (deadly) tumble back down this mountain. But I was up for the adventure and none of those facts really crossed my mind until after we got to the top of this mountain. My subconscious must have known this was a dangerous ordeal though because I didn’t take my camera out once to snap any pictures (except for this one at the very top).


The remainder of this hike was rather uneventful. A lot of it was downhill, and the remaining half mile or so was flat and through a wooded area. There were so many moments during this hike that I could have just stopped and soaked in the beauty for at least an hour—but unfortunately there just weren’t enough hours in the day (but if there was going to be enough hours anywhere, it would have been Alaska with it’s almost 20 hours of daylight during the time I was there).

Next Monday, I am going to share one of my favorite experiences from Alaska before moving on to a different area of hiking, but I am so excited to share this experience/story with you all! I will probably never be able to recreate this night so I’ve decided I want to at least relive it by sharing it with everyone. I hope you’re as excited as I am! Until then, I hope you all have an amazing remainder of your week, as well as a wonderful weekend!

Also, check out my Alaska vlog for a more detailed experience of my trip/hike!


Isaiah 54:10 “‘For the mountains shall depart and the hills be removed, but My kindness shall not depart from you, nor shall My covenant of peace be removed,’ says the LORD, who has mercy on you.


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